Application use for Better Protect

Start from the far corner of the room and pull the trigger on the bottle whilst maintaining a sweeping motion to the side at the same time. Repeat this, working your way across and down the room until you feel you have covered every area of the carpet.

On Rugs

The application technique for protecting rugs is the same as that of treating carpets and upholstery. Start from a top corner of the rug, pulling the trigger of the bottle whilst maintaining a sweeping motion across whilst doing so. Repeat this action, working your way across and down the rug until you feel the solution has been applied evenly to all of it. If you’re treating long-pile rugs, it is worth applying it from different directions to make sure you have fully encased the fibres. To make particularly sure that the pile has been thoroughly treated, you can gently brush the material after applying the treatment using a bristle brush if you so wish.
Your rug will be guarded with anti-stain after one application, but we advise that you add a second coat to be sure that it has been entirely treated. Better Protect will work immediately but will be most effective once fully cured, after 12-24 hours. Walking on the protected area as soon as you have applied the solution won’t ruin the treatment, but please take care when doing so. It will take a couple of hours to be totally dry.


Don’t allow any metal grips or wood-stained furniture to come into contact with freshly treated carpets or rugs as doing so may cause permanent marking. Instead, use foil or a few layers of paper between them to act as a buffer until the surface is touch-dry.

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